Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up with the Times - Blogging

Learning a new skill in your 30s is a bit intimidating. As a kid everything is an adventure - you can't wait to get to your first day of school, go on the big family vacation (even if it was just a 4 day trip to see your cousin in Albert Lea, MN), or toss the tricycle aside for a chance at riding the "big kid bike" with only two wheels and hopefully more than 3 speeds.

You hit your teens and let's face it - boy or girl, it's all about getting a drivers license and access to a car - any car - as long as it will get you as far away from your parents as possible.

In your 20s - you long for having cash in college and then you long for having cash after college to make up for not having cash in college (it's a vicious cycle).

And then you hit your 30s and everything seems to slow down - starting with your metabolism and then your raises and last but not least - your ability to take the plunge and learn how to blog.

I conquered Facebook last year and Google promises to make this blogging thing easy - so I'll take a shot at it and see how it goes. Life is just too short to not reach out for the latest version of pen and paper . Steph

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