Saturday, September 26, 2009

Possibly The Best Garage Sale Ad Ever!

This was an actual garage sale ad I found today on the Star Tribune's website:

Published: 09/26/2009
Robbinsdale / Memorial Pkway Gay-tastic Multi-Family Garage Sale (w/ estate sale next door) All you & your partner need, tools, perennial hostas, sculptures, fine art, clothes, furniture, some antiques, and life-sustaining gossip. Enjoy coffee as stroll thru gardens picking out hostas of your dreams. Haggling expected! Food, bev, fun, music, "Lets make a deal". Buy raffle ticket to win apple tree and make homemade apple pie next yr. Fri/Sat Sep 25 & 26, 7:30am to 5:30 pm; 3708 Zenith Ave NORTH, Robbinsdale MN

Needless to say - you really can't pass up a garage sale with this kind of marketing. I promptly posted it to my Facebook page and got in the car.

The sale was fun and the folks running it were having a ball with the success of their marketing. My Facebook post also helped - at least six of my NoMi neighbors got in their cars and came over. Probably the best deal was the set of 4 antique oak chairs for $40 - I was tempted myself.

Sales lesson of the day - sometimes the best marketing is just being yourself.


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