Tuesday, November 24, 2015

And how cool is this? An unusual find during a "date night" preview of a Victorian Era home . . .

My husband and I occasionally preview homes on date night.  Yes - we are big old house geeks and yes - we contemplate buying a house to restore and resell.  We haven't done it yet - but we THINK about it and we have a savings account set aside for just such a project.

On a recent visit to a "hot prospect" 1894 Queen Anne - we spotted the most awesome radiator I've ever seen.  This beauty was in the dining room next to the buffet.  I believe it was used to either keep plates warm or the food itself warm.  It's a gem!

What are the most unusual things you've ever seen in an old house?  Feel free to email me your photos and stories to share on this blog - stephanie.gruver@results.net

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   Steph