"Stephanie Gruver is highly professional and dedicated to her career as a Realtor. She is incredibly knowledgeable about North Minneapolis and had sold several houses in my area. Stephanie listened to my concerns making sure that I felt comfortable and informed with the process of selling my home of 35 years and then purchasing a townhouse. She referred me to a mortgage broker who was available 24/7 and, between the two of them, made sure that the closing on both houses went smoothly. She has exceptional negotiating skills and delivered acceptable solutions to issues that came up. Stephanie is a remarkable Realtor and goes above and beyond the normal duties of a real estate agent. She has a wealth of knowledgeand was easy to talk to about everything involved in the selling and buying of my properties including decorating ideas for my new home.  Thank you for all that you have done, Stephanie!"
Betsy F.
Hire Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in May, 2013

“Stephanie's hard work, creativity and expertise in the field of Real Estate made it possible to sell my house in six weeks for asking price in a tough neighborhood. No one thought it could be done, including me. In doing so, she helped re-set the appraisal value for two-bedroom, one bathroom homes in the area. I am not the only winner when working with Stephanie! The whole neighborhood wins!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Sophia K.
Hired Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in May, 2012

"My fiance and I had our house on the market for over a year and received one bad offer that whole time. We were getting incredibly discouraged and disappointed - it felt like we were in a hopeless situation and it was getting to the point of desperation. We had gone through two Realtors. We met Stephanie from our second Realtor, who actually decided to refer us to her. She seemed great, but we weren't really expecting anything because nothing had happened for an entire year, so we were thinking, 'Why would Stephanie be any different?'

When we met her for the first time, she was over at our house for a couple of hours and was honest with us about small things we could should do to make the house more appealing. She was also up front about a price that would work in our neighborhood. It was the first time anyone had spent that much time with us. We were so disappointed from the past year it was hard to get our hopes up. We took the house off the market for a couple weeks and made the changes to the house that she asked us to do.

Then we re-listed the house at the beginning of they year. Stephanie posted our home to websites and used other marketing tools to advertise for us. We had 6 showings in 2 weeks as well as a broker open and an open house. Our house had more showings in that two weeks than we had pretty much seen for the entire year that it was previously on the market. We were expecting it to be on the market for a while because it was what we were used to and it was winter in Minnesota...not the best time to be house shopping.

After the second week, Stephanie told us we had multiple offers. Needless to say, we were shocked! We had never worked with someone who truly cared about helping us sell our house. She worked very hard with us and we were in touch almost everyday with her to see if there were updates. It was so nice to feel important, and to feel like our house was the most important one to her, even though she was incredibly busy with many clients.

I would highly recommend Stephanie as a Realtor to anyone, whether you are buying or selling a home. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. She knows the market, what it takes to buy or sell, and she is very familiar with the area. It was a blessing for us to have her as our Realtor and the timing couldn't have been more important to us. The only negative thing I can say is that we wish she could relocate with us out of state and help us find a new home!"

Katherine and Heath
Hired Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in 2012

"Stephanie was quick to pick up on just the sort of house we wanted---one with old charm and the design and decorating opportunities that come with a first house. She scoured the neighborhoods we wanted, was quite patient in our search, and scouted out the house we ultimately bought a day after it came on market, before telling us it was a great find---and great it is. We'd highly, highly recommend Stephanie for any buyer, first-time or otherwise. Her expertise in the market is unmatched, and she really knows how to find the gems."

Parker and Heather
Hired Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in 2011

“I highly recommend Stephanie. She knows the Real Estate market in the Minneapolis area very well and all the ins and outs from personal homeownership to investing in property for rental income. She helped and gave me great counsel with my purchase.”

Scott A.
Hired Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in 2010

“I knew Stephanie as a former partner in the Twin Cities non-profit housing world and later sought her services as a realtor when my wife and I considered a move within North Minneapolis. I appreciated Stephanie's deep knowledge of the buyer incentives specific to my area of interest, and understanding of the nuances of the local market (right down to the names of some prospective neighbors!) What I appreciated most of all, however, was the support and understanding she showed as our exercise led us to decide that, in fact, the best decision at the time was maybe just to remain in place.”

Dan H.
Hired Stephanie as a Real Estate Agent in 2010

“Stephanie is a creative, committed and motivated real estate professional I worked with while representing Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation. She knows how to match her clients with their homes.”

Daniel Tyson, Attorney, Daniel R.Tyson, PA