Friday, October 9, 2009

Identify the Energy Vampires this Halloween! Save Money with a Power Check Meter

A note from Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein on a new program to help homeowners learn more about reducing energy use via power check meters - what a great idea! It's also a great reminder to use our libraries : ) There's a link to Green Living ideas as well. Enjoy! Steph

Energy meters available for check out at Hennepin County Libraries

Fifty easy-to-use Power Check energy meters from Xcel Energy are available for check out from Hennepin County Libraries. Requests may be placed for the energy meters either online or in person at any of the 39 Hennepin County Libraries (
Plymouth and Nokomis are closed).

The meters will help you:
Identify high energy use appliances in your home.
Determine how much it costs to use appliances.
Predict your savings in reducing appliance use.
Calculate the cost-savings of replacing older equipment with energy-efficient models.
Identify "energy vampires" - appliances that use energy when switched off.

The energy meters come with home energy assessment instructions, worksheets, money-saving energy tips, and information about rebates and incentive programs.

Visit the Library's online catalog and search under Power Check Energy Meter.
Here is a link (you might have to cut and paste).!horizon&view=items&menu=search&uri=full=3100001~!4

For more information on Green Living, go to the Hennepin County Libraries information on green living. Here is the link.

Mark Stenglein
Hennepin County Commissioner
District 2
Office: 612-348-7882

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