Sunday, December 6, 2009

Growing Into a New Career

Growth is something everyone needs from time to time. Some folks embrace growth and the change it brings; others fear the change and avoid growth, refusing to take the risk or challenge their fear of failure.

Taking on a new career has brought growth to my doorstep. I am learning new skills and discovering interesting things about myself, particularly what my strengths are and what my potential could be - as well as what could be road blocks to success.

I actually haven't "felt" this good in years. I almost feel as though somewhere after college I got off track and never really got back on - although most folks thought I was doing just fine - I personally never felt that way.

There are times when I am scared. Being scared of failure is an obvious thing; however, have you ever contemplated the fear of success?

Sounds silly - I know. Isn't success in a new career or hobby or project what everyone is striving for? But what if success changes your values, your priorities, your dreams and goals - will you like the person you become?

I look back at the last 5 years of my life and I recognize I've done some amazing things within my realm. I met and married a wonderful man, received several awards for my community work, pursued a life-long dream of working for a nonprofit and then finding the courage to change course and work for myself. Throw in raising the puppy from the depths of purgatory and I probably accomplished a lot.

As I'm off on this new adventure, I do stop and wonder at times who will I become, as I am changing - I can feel it and its impacting how I live. Some folks would tell me not to worry about it and let it happen; others understand my fears and recognize I'm growing into not only a new career but my own skin - something I should have done years ago.

I am thankful for the support my husband, my family, and my friends have given me, and I hope regardless of the outcome of my career change - I get to know myself a little better, so I can make better decisions in the future as I move on to the next stage of my life. No matter what happens - I am thankful to have the opportunity to grow.


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